Friday, February 10, 2017

My favorite Netflix Series:)

I don't currently have a favorite TV series at the moment. When I start watching a new show I rather do not make it through the first 2 episodes or I dedicate a decent majority on my time to watching the show. To be perfectly honest sometimes I am watching the show while I should be using my time more efficiently, but sometimes time passes fairly quickly and I don't realize it. I have gotten hooked on a few shows in the past. The first show I have every fully watched was, "Breaking Bad." I won't go into detail about what happens in the show mainly because it is not very appropriate for school. I will say it has an amazing story line about the life of a chemistry teacher who takes matters into his own hands to leave money for his family after he discovers he has lung cancer. It was definitely one of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen. So much that I am currently watching it for the fourth time in the passed few years.

In more recent times, I started to watching another show called "Arrow." This show revolves around a man named, "Oliver Queen." After being shipwrecked on an island for 5 years, the billionaire Oliver Queen returns to his home city to stop criminals that threaten the peace and the people of his city. He fights enemies with a bow and arrow. It is basically a superhero show, but to myself it is more than that. It is interesting to see how Oliver's personality evolves as time goes on in the show. Also, how the characters in the show interact with one another. The show does a good job at taking everyday problems that happen everywhere and connecting them into an enjoyable story line.