Thursday, October 20, 2016

Favorite Music

I enjoy most music! I am not very pick when it comes to listening to music. When I comes to genres, I don't listen to country, jazz, blues, rock and roll, heavy metal, and others as well. I enjoy music with a beat. I don't pay attention to lyrics usually, I follow the flow of music. I listen to mainly dubstep (different people refer it as different things) that has a somewhat motivational theme. A beat that makes you want to try harder, feel better, pumps you up. I love to listen to this type of music, especially when playing sports, or working out, even when just working on homework or other school assignments. It focuses me to what I am trying to achieve. I don't have any specific artists I favor, mainly just follow the genre. 

I find Youtube to be a very source of where i find music i enjoy
NoCopyrightSounds is one of my favorite channels that release the type of music I listen too. I found them a few years ago and have been listening to them since. 

I listen to other genres, essentially I can listening to anything on the local radio, or when with friends, I enjoy the music they listen too. I enjoy rap as well, which I listen to usually when just hanging out or relaxing. 

Music Impacts my life and culture tremendously. It can define your personality and give someone an image of what you are like. I would not be the person I am today if I listened to very different types of music.

Examples of Dumbstep:


  1. I totally agree with you!
    Music define our personality, way of life and give to someone an image of ourself.Before saying something,I thank you because I discovered by you a new channel that suits my tastes. I also not pay attention to lyrics especially in english x).I focus more on rhythm, (for me rhythm is powerfull than lyrics) that motivates you, pushes you forward to do better, and give you the power to fight and to believe in the beauty of life. I also love to listen to this kind of music when i'm playing sports or doing my homework. So we can say, i don't have a special kind of music, but like you, I enjoy music with differents beats..!

    1. You are welcome! That is amazing that you enjoy one of the channels I posted on my blog! The moment in the song where I changes from slow and calm to fast and strong is my favorite part. The beat of the music always motivates me.

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