Sunday, September 25, 2016

Reflection On My Culture

I don't necessarily live one single culture. Some might say the "Mexican Culture," the "Humboldt lifestyle," the "American Culture," or the "Teenager lifestyle." I typically follow all four in one way or the other. For the most part, I am proud of where I from and the way of life I live in. I'm Mexican, and an American citizen. I have freedom of speech, religion, with the opportunity for decent education and medical care for all. We are all equals as citizens. These are all pros.

Everything has a limit thought. I may speech but with consequences, mainly given the title of disrespectful. I may represent my religion but will usually be assumed to be a thug. With education and even being "smart" it doesn't release you from pay 10's of thousands of dollars for college nor does it instantly mean you have a job/future in society. In most cases, if you are not rich, with perfect credit, etc. insurance isn't much help either. Because I'm Mexican I'm loud, dirty, poor, etc. Because I'm from Humboldt I do drugs. Because I'm American I'm Free, and have an close to perfect life. Because I'm a teenager I'm reckless and ignorant. The fact that we are all classified by classes doesn't not bother me. Is it all the assumptions made by people that affect everything and everyone around us. 


  1. Hello Alex I am very impresses by how calm and peaceful you are and also the way that you speak about your country.We can feel how you are proud of your background and your country!

    1. Thank you! My country and culture has its pros and cons, but I am grateful to have an opportunity to have a good education and life My parents didn't gave much education and needed to work at a very young age so even with the circumstances the I pointed out in my blog post, I'm still happy to have the life and culture I have. I would really like to learn more about your culture and school.