Friday, September 16, 2016

About Me!

My Name is Alejandro (Alex) Ramirez, I'm 15 years old and a sophomore at Fortuna Union High School. I was born and raised in Fortuna, Ca my whole life. The area I live in has somewhat nice weather and climate. It is a small town which makes it fun to walk around in with friends to get food or go to the park and so on.

I love to travel even though... I've never really been out of California, except for once in Mexico (I'm Hispanic), but it does very much interest me to travel around the USA, even the world if possible. 

This year I'm loading myself with all the advanced classes that are available to me, taking before school classes and an online course after school to learn French (we'll see how that goes...). At the moment I'm very dependent on school for a future career for the reasons that I'm not sure on what i want to do when i grow up. Any talents I do have don't pay well and I usually don't see myself doing them for the rest of my life. 


  1. Hi Alex!
    I'm really excited to learn more about you. Yes,It's amazing when the weather is perfect because, you can go for a walk and have fun with your firends. I also spend a lots of time with my friends, they are a second part of me. How did you found Mexico. I'm also really interested by travel and nature, we can say that I have te spirit of adventure. Which subject do you like? and why? I would enjoy to learn more about you and your hight school; bye!

  2. I glad to hear that, thank you! Mexico was ok... I went for only a 7 days and 4 of them were used to get there and back to my home. While I was there I didn't know many people, I stayed with family but they were distant family that I didn't know at all. I also was very sick while i was there, making it a not very fun trip. Even thought it was not the best trip, I would still enjoy to go back for longer and explore. I am like mainly all my subjects, I think I'm better at science them most other subjects, but i just love learning new and interesting things. Our school is 6 classes about 7 hours for 5 days a week. I took an extra class and harder classes this year so i go to school about 1 hour more than others at my school. Since, I live in a small town our high school is not very big only with about 900 students. I do enjoy the peace that its not all crowded and most people know eachother. I really like to know about your high school!

    1. I'm sorry for you, It's hard to enjoy a trip when you're not in shape and it's sad to be very sick while you are traveling especially that there are many things to see in Mexico ( I heard that the most popular and beautiful places are Cancùn, Cabo San Lucas and a lots of museums).I would like to visit it one day.Me also,I'm better at science and history than most other subjects because they are the most interesting subjects according to me. We also study,9 hours for 5 days a week.I think you read my blog and I hope that you will answer me! ;)

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